the hunters program

Today’s medical device sales professional knows they must take ownership of their professional growth and development.

This comprehensive self-paced program provides the insight, tools and direction you need to become an expert.

Utilize a program that includes a weekly private coaching session specifically for you.

Focus on your unique sales development needs with increased accountability.

program overview

This sixteen-week course is designed to increase your level of competence, confidence and performance in your medical device sales role.

The course focuses on intentional improvement of technical expertise, business acumen and communication skills.

The course is designed to be self-paced, and provides new content on a weekly basis through a series of lessons, activities and assignments.

This program includes private 1:1 weekly coaching sessions with each of the participants – focused on continued development of the materials covered.  

This course provides a great opportunity for medical device sales professionals to continue to develop their skills without the need for travel or being away from their territory.

topics Covered

grow with deliberate practice

Drive retention and application of relevant technical information with increased confidence and awareness

define your unique sales process

Establish best practices for defining your ideal customer and mapping the best ways to pursue and engage with them

improve your active listening skills

Improve the way you listen with the intent to understand rather than simply to respond

focus on process versus outcomes

Establish best practices for growing and managing your business with a keen focus on consistency and purpose

substantive sales engagements

Develop a consistent approach to preparing, mapping out and conducting planned sales engagements

increased confidence and self-awareness

Understand more about who you are and what incredible value you can bring to your customers

the hunters program

Program Details

we have no limits

intentional improvement

Own your future and invest in yourself



Skills Mastery takes time, discipline and commitment.  There are no shortcuts or overnight sensations.  



A structured approach to planning and implementation is an imperative for successful sales professionals.



Your ability to be genuine, authentic and engaging while providing clear solutions will yield greater success and long-term connections. 

we aren't afraid of trying new things

Be part of something great

The sales profession has changed more in the last 10 years than in the previous 100 years combined

It ‘s no longer about features, facts and data

It’s about developing genuine and authentic connections with your clients in order to make them more successful and to provide solutions to their problems that they sometimes didn’t even realize they had.

The stronger your knowledge and the greater the depth and breadth of information you possess regarding your particular area of business, the more nuanced your creativity can be at solving your clients’ problems.

How can you solve their problems if…you don’t know enough about them…or you don’t know enough about you…

Skills mastery is the absolute key to being a true resource in today’s business environment.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Our programs are designed to assist sales professionals achieve skills mastery utilizing the latest technologies, tools and learning methodologies.

David Lorenzi - DalorenGroup

Author spotlight

Skills mastery takes discipline, time and commitment from both the sales professional and their company.

It also takes a great coach.

David Lorenzi is founder and president of the DALOREN GROUP.  

He has over 25 years of experience in the medical device industry.

He began his career in sales and sales leadership, and has designed and led comprehensive sales training and development programs for several large medical device organizations.

His executive level experience includes leading several early stage orthopedic companies as their President and CEO.

David recognized several years ago that many sales organizations, regardless of size, continue to utilize ‘traditional’ training methods and approaches that aren’t effective, don’t achieve sustainable results and simply do not yield the expected return on investment.

He understands and has personally experienced the challenges facing young emerging sales professionals of how best to grow and develop their sales skills.

The DALOREN GROUP was founded to address this critical need and provide programs that assist sales professionals achieve skills mastery utilizing the latest technologies, tools and learning methodologies.

Graduates say

“…I believe because of this program I learned more in depth knowledge about products, how to listen and engage my customers more effectively, and organization skills…”



Kelsey - Orthopedic Sales

This program was exactly what I needed to stay focused on my habits and daily activities. I was pretty unorganized and unsure of how to start building my territory and approaching new surgeons. I have much more confidence with my selling skills and how to stay focused throughout the day.

Jonathan - Trauma Sales

COURSE FEE - Four Monthly Payments

$1,500 Per Month

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