PRIVATE coaching and mentoring for sales leaders

Strong sales leaders inspire success in others and strive to be difference makers. 

They are passionate about lifelong learning, and focus on the continued professional growth of each of their team members.

Become the credible leader others choose to follow.

We Coach

We help sales leaders improve the way they attract and cultivate top talent, gain trust and loyalty with members of their team, improve communication and foster growth and success for each team member. We work with you to develop a greater sense of self-awareness and develop the key skills necessary to achieve excellence in your role.

We Train

Our programs focus on each participant's dedication to their ongoing development of technical expertise, business acumen and communication skills. We offer a variety of programs and courses designed to increase your awareness of what to do, how to do it and who to engage.

We Build

We assist smaller organizations and independent distributorships with all activities associated with leading and growing your sales team. We work with you to lead each member of your team until you're prepared to transition into someone full time. Each engagement is totally unique to your team and your needs.

Our coaching programs focus on your sales leadership skills


Your level of self-awareness is a key component of being able to grow and learn - and also lead others


Beliefs and attitudes have a significant impact on your ability to grow and to lead others

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is an important characteristic of great leaders - understaning yourself, as well as greater empathy for others

Team Culture

The team takes on the personality of the coach - developing the right culture for your team to grow and achieve is a large responsibility

Hiring and Developing Quality Talent

Building and cultivating your team is an important part of your success as a leader

Communication Skills

Knowing what to say, how to say it, and how to actively listen - a major skill for all great leaders

Feedback from program participants

This was one of the best programs I ever completed. Our team has unique issues and you helped claify how to address them and move forward ...

Chris T. - Team Leader

I wasn't planning to utilize a leadership coach, but glad I decided to do it. I told my wife that a lot of the things we discussed during our one to ones relate to my personal development too. A great investment - highly recommend Daloren.

Zach J. - Regional Director

As a sales manager, I am always looking for new and fresh ways to motivate my team and keep things energized. This program kept me accountable for keeping up with my responsibilities and developing my team members.

Thom W. - RVP

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