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Very few organizations focus on continued development of their sales professionals

Many training programs can be expensive, logistically challenging and time-consuming

Return on investment from product training increases from 22% to 88% when reinforced with sales coaching 

Consistent sales training and development increases quota attainment by more than 20%

Ongoing training and development increases sales team retention rates by more than 20%

Sales professionals respond well to individualized coaching and professional development


The objective of this program is to increase the level of competence, confidence and performance for every participant.

We accomplish this by utilizing a variety of activities and assignments, along with a weekly 1:1 coaching session with each participant.

The sixteen week program focuses on three specific areas for growth and development.


This part of the program drives retention and application of technical information related to the specific products you identified in your product portfolio


Deliberate Practice

Spaced Retrieval and Interleaving

Individual Role-Play and Practice utilizing Rehearsal VRP

Consistent and cadenced discussions and reviews

Group discussions and teaching opportunities

Greater levels of confidence when sharing technical information

A greater level of fluency and contextual use of pertinent information


This part of the  program focuses on developing and implementing best practices for how you manage and build your business


Developing time management and planning skills

Establishing goals and objectives

Creating and developing your sales pipeline

Identifying your ideal customer profile

Identifying and pursuing qualified prospects

Developing and following a sales process

Defining and pursuing the ideal customer profile

Establishing and driving strong and healthy performance habits


This section of the program focuses on continued development of communication skills and cultivating new relationships

How to  map and conduct effective sales conversations

Developing the use of effective questionsThe importance of emotional intelligence and how to improve your skills

Developing active listening skills

Increasing your awareness of  body language and nonverbal communication

Recognizing the importance of  developing and cultivating strong and lasting relationships


This program is ideal for orthopedic medical device sales representatives who want to increase their technical knowledge base while focusing on territory growth and development. The ideal candidate will want to increase their understanding of how to develop and cultivate great relationships with new and existing customers.



The Primary Program is a sixteen week program.

It is designed to allow us time to focus on the development of new healthy habits while eliminating some bad habits.

This program also allows us enough time to define and pursue new business opportunities through prospecting, engage with potential new customers and ultimately gain commitment  from our targeted prospects to schedule an initial case.


As a participant in this program, you should expect to invest three to four hours in the program each week.  This includes the time you dedicate to studying product-specific materials. 



All of our programs are conducted ‘virtually’ and require no travel. Participants have access to all materials and assignments and can complete the required work as their schedules permit.

 In addition to weekly 1:1 coaching sessions, content is delivered each week in a module that contains specific lessons.  The lessons can be accessed any time from any portable device


Participants have access to all training modules, materials and assignments, and can complete the required work as their schedules permit.

All of the material and related information can be accessed any time from any portable device.



Weekly 1:1 sessions are conducted with you to focus on your specific goals and objectives.

We discuss the progress you’re experiencing with technical knowledge, building your territory and improving your communication skills.

We hold you accountable for growth toward the goals and objectives that you outline for the program.


At the very beginning of the program, we discuss your goals and objectives for the program as well as for your own professional development.

Our weekly sessions continue to focus on these areas and track your progress as we move through the program.

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Advanced Program

This program is a graduate level program designed for sales professionals who have a serious desire to achieve true skills mastery.

Throughout the Advanced Program, we work with each participant individually to design a curriculum that is specific to their career goals and objectives.

Our coaching and mentoring program includes a weekly 1:1 session that focuses on continued professional development and creating you own unique brand.

executive program

We offer customized ‘One to One’ coaching sessions that are designed around your specific objectives for leadership development

This process is all about you – we begin our sessions with a focused conversation to determine the most important concerns you have about your role and your business

We work with you to identify key issues that need to be addressed. We work with you to determine options for development and growth

We provide unwavering support of you and your efforts, and we hold you accountable for achieving agreed upon key development objectives

Learn from the very best

Enroll in our programs today to continue building your technical and business development skills. 


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