advanced sales program

Helping you elevate your sales skills to achieve greater levels of productivity, achievement and success.

This program provides the insight, tools and direction you need to become an amazing sales professional.


The advanced  program builds on the skills learned in the HUNTERS PROGRAM and is designed to continue to build your unique brand as a sales professional.

The course focuses on defining your unique sales style, increasing your levels of self-awareness, focusing on value-based  communication skills.

The course is designed to be self-paced, and provides new content on a weekly basis through a series of lessons, activities and assignments.

This program also includes weekly individual coaching sessions  – focused on you and your specific growth objectives. 

This course provides a great opportunity for medical device sales professionals to continue to develop their skills without the need for travel or being away from their sales territory.


Participant Reviews

What clients are saying about the program

additional Insights

grow with deliberate practice

Drive retention and application of relevant technical information with increased confidence and awareness

define your leadership style

How to define and refine your role and continue to grow as a sales leader

improve your organizational skills

Improve the way you listen with the intent to understand rather than simply to respond

focus on process versus outcomes

Establish best practices for growing and managing your business with a keen focus on consistency and purpose

Develop exceptional coaching skills

Develop a consistent approach to preparing, mapping out and conducting regular coaching sessions

increased confidence and self-awareness

Understand more about who you are and what incredible value you can bring to the members of your team

Monthly Payment Plan

$1,500 Per Month

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