How We Collaborate With You

Step 1  |  Initial Needs Assessment

Our initial meeting is dedicated to completion of the needs assessment process. We meet with you to discuss your overall strategy for the program and make certain that we establish key development objectives.

Our key topics covered include program content, timelines and benchmarking criteria, and identifying our Subject Matter Experts (SME).

It’s also important the we, along with the management team, identify members of a Participant Pilot Group to gain insight into their perceived needs and gain buy-in to the process.

Part of the initial session will also address the change management process and how we help to coordinate and execute the planned transformation for your sales organization.

Step 2  |  Program Design and Development

We then create a complete and comprehensive program to deliver the intended materials.  Unlike other training and development systems and programs, this is completely unique to you and your organization.  It is designed based on your specific needs and intended outcomes.

The program can be as extensive and as creative as you would like.  We keep you involved in this process to make certain that the program will achieve the desired results. The modules we design will utilize a ‘layering’ approach to learning, incorporating new material with material covered in previous sections.  This method of consistent repetition and practice helps the student internalize the material and convert it to long-term memory (making it ‘automatic’).

Step 3  |  Program Launch and Management

We coordinate start dates and access to training materials with all active participants.  We extend formal invitations to all participants and provide them with a complete program outline.

We conduct a formal orientation for all participants to ensure they understand the objectives and intended outcomes of the program.

It is important that we get a ‘Buy-In’ acknowledgement from each participant prior to beginning the program.  This becomes part of the ‘decision’ to achieve skills mastery.

Step 4  |  Program Completion and Next Steps

We work with you to determine how best to conclude the training process.   Upon completion of the initial program, we provide a performance summary and review for each participant.

We encourage acknowledging each participant for the successful completion of a program.  We work with you to formalize this activity – make this accomplishment noticed and appreciated.

We work with your management team as well as members of the active participants group to assess the program and incorporate any needed modifications.

We also prepare the active participants group for their involvement in the Booster Program.

Step 5  |  Booster Program Implementation

Many organizations encourage their sales teams to review the material a second time within a few weeks of completing the initial program.

The Booster Program assists in  providing sustainability of their achievements during the initial program.  It increases their understanding of the information covered and reinforces that the material has been converted into long term memory and internalized.

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