The key to being a great sales leader is understanding what drives and energizes each member of your sales team.

You need to understand what each team member wants and expects from you  and WHY they want it.


This unique program has two key components and is designed for both the sales leader and the sales team members.

The program focuses on defining your team culture, increasing your levels of self-awareness, focusing on development-based coaching skills and outstanding communication skills.

The program also focuses on the continued development of sales team members, supporting their adoption and consistent use of new skills and behaviors.

Sales Leaders
Acquire, develop and refine new leadership and coaching skills that foster a culture of growth and development for every member of your sales team.  Learn how to initiate and drive key performance standards and expectations while fostering a culture of collaboration and achievement.

Sales Team Members
This program drives the continued growth and development of each team member through the support, reinforcement and consistent use of all performance standards, expectations and best practices established and directed by the team leader.


program details

Phase one

taking action - defining your culture and your future

The initial orientation sessions with Sales Leaders will provide the foundation and framework for the changes and growth initiatives they want to implement with their sales teams:

  • Why make a change
  • How change impacts each member of your team
  • The importance of effective communication and consistent coaching 



Implementing Change - adoption, alignment and achievement

After completing the orientation sessions, we work with each Sales Leader to develop a detailed plan for growth and how they can effectively deliver and communicate this information to their team: 

  • What changes they plan to make on behalf of the team
  • Why they are making them
  • What’s in it for each of the team members 
  • Commitment to develop sales professionals who are:
    • Coachable
    • Collaborative
    • Self-driven
    • Self-disciplined


achieving more through practice, process and presence

PHASE four

tracking your progress and consistency as you grow

After successfully completing the teamUP Program, we work with each Sales Leader to assess the progress and focus on continued development of each team member: 

  • The quality of sales coaching sessions and consistency
  • The quality and use of growth plans
  • The effective use of questions
  • Commitment to the process and daily activities that have a high return on investment
    • Prospecting
    • Learning
    • Sales engagements
    • Consistently moving the sales process forward

The teamUP Program


Create Your Culture

Learn to recognize what motivates each team member and what they really want from this experience

Improve Communication

Foster growth and and participation with a variety of consistent communication methods

Leadership Skills

Learn how to motivate, appreciate and build great relationships with each team member

Focus on Team Development

Improve your understanding of growth plans for each member and assist them in achieving them

Stop Selling – Start Leading

Recognize which skill sets are needed to lead your team and end the need for your sales presentations 

Participant Reviews

What clients are saying about our Leadership Programs

additional Insights

grow with deliberate practice

Drive retention and application of relevant technical information with increased confidence and awareness

define your leadership style

How to define and refine your role and continue to grow as a sales leader

improve your organizational skills

Improve the way you listen with the intent to understand rather than simply to respond

focus on process versus outcomes

Establish best practices for growing and managing your business with a keen focus on consistency and purpose

Develop exceptional coaching skills

Develop a consistent approach to preparing, mapping out and conducting regular coaching sessions

increased confidence and self-awareness

Understand more about who you are and what incredible value you can bring to the members of your team

David Lorenzi - DalorenGroup

Author spotlight

Skills mastery takes discipline, time and commitment from both the sales professional and their company.

It also takes a great coach.

David Lorenzi is founder and president of the DALOREN GROUP.  

He has over 25 years of experience in the medical device industry.

He began his career in sales and sales leadership, and has designed and led comprehensive sales training and development programs for several large medical device organizations.

His executive level experience includes leading several early stage orthopedic companies as their President and CEO.

David recognized several years ago that many sales organizations, regardless of size, continue to utilize ‘traditional’ training methods and approaches that aren’t effective, don’t achieve sustainable results and simply do not yield the expected return on investment.

He understands and has personally experienced the challenges facing young emerging sales professionals of how best to grow and develop their sales skills.

The DALOREN GROUP was founded to address this critical need and provide programs that assist sales professionals achieve skills mastery utilizing the latest technologies, tools and learning methodologies.

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