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we help you build the greatest version of you

We Coach

We help sales leaders improve the way they attract and cultivate top talent, gain trust and loyalty with members of their team, improve communication and foster growth and success for each team member. We work with you to develop a greater sense of self-awareness and develop the key skills necessary to achieve excellence in your role.

We Train

Our programs focus on each participant's dedication to their ongoing development of technical expertise, business acumen and communication skills. We offer a variety of programs and courses designed to increase your awareness of what to do, how to do it and who to engage.

We Build

We assist smaller organizations and independent distributorships with all activities associated with leading and growing your sales team. We work with you to lead each member of your team until you're prepared to transition into someone full time. Each engagement is totally unique to your team and your needs.

talent optimization

You  .  Your Team  .  Your Business

Talent optimization allows you to align people strategy with business strategy.

It helps you design and build amazing teams that are aligned and working cohesively.

Talent optimization not only focuses on self-awareness at the individual level, it fosters a greater understanding of your team, and – by proxy – your strategy.

Alignment breeds cohesion, and cohesive teams work toward common goals.

It allows leaders to better understand how ‘behavioral drives’ impact employees in a remote or hybrid workplace.

Talent optimization helps businesses avoid the sting of resignation by putting people in roles where they soar.

Companies with the right people in the right roles have 42% less turnover.

training and coaching

Field Sales Professionals

The sales profession has changed more in the last ten years than in the previous one hundred years combined.

It’s no longer just about features, facts and data.

It’s about sales professionals developing genuine and authentic connections with their clients in order to make them more successful; and to provide solutions to their problems that they sometimes didn’t even realize they had.

The stronger their knowledge and the greater the depth and breadth of information they possess regarding their particular area of business, the more nuanced their creativity can be at solving their clients’ problems.

Skills mastery is the absolute key to being a true resource in today’s business environment.

It takes time, deliberate practice and a great coach.

Executive Coaching

Sales and Team Leaders

Today’s leaders, whether field sales managers or senior executives, are recognizing the need to be responsible for their own professional development.

They are realizing that all markets are highly competitive and are changing at a rapid pace. Being a leader requires a whole new mindset and perspective.

Utilizing executive coaching gives you a competitive advantage over your peers as well as other leaders in the marketplace.

A ‘third party’ executive coach provides you the opportunity to discuss issues and topics confidentially.

They allow you to develop specific strategies for continued improvement and skills development.

Executive coaches show you ways to reinforce current strengths and help you learn new skills that advance your goals.

"A combination of personalized goal setting, online course work, organizational templates and strategies, and role playing made the 16 weeks challenging, but full of growth. I would highly recommend David and his services."
Orthopedic Sales Representative
"As I’ve mentioned in the past, our weekly sessions have advanced my knowledge in the field from a business development perspective. Those lessons I will take with me throughout the rest of my career."
Orthopedic Sales Representative


Our focus is on the intentional improvement of sales professionals and sales leaders in the medical device marketplace.

Most medical device companies do not place enough emphasis on individual sales coaching and mentoring as part of their development programs for field sales professionals.

Medical device sales professionals who receive consistent 1:1 coaching and mentoring on a weekly basis outperform their peers by almost twenty percent.

Companies that include sales coaching and mentoring as an adjunct to their product training programs recognize a greater return on their sales training investment – as much as eight times greater.

We focus on sales training and coaching programs for individual medical device sales professionals and sales leaders that align with the objectives of the individual company.

By increasing your awareness of how to learn, how to grow your business and how to engage and develop strong, substantive relationships with others, you can develop specific goals and objectives for achieving them through deliberate practice and focus. 

We understand and are passionate about the importance of continued professional development of medical device sales professionals and sales leaders.

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